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Making homeschooling easy and rewarding!

So you're considering Homeschooling for your child. It sounds overwhelming and maybe even a little crazy, right? But what if it’s not?! Find out if homeschooling is right for your family. 

Everyday, more parents are feeling less confident in their kids' schooling path than they once did.

You’re worried about what the future holds and if traditional schooling is the best place for your child to learn foundational skills. Perhaps you feel like…

  • Your child’s anxiety around going to school is causing more harm than good.

  • You want more time together.

  • You’re uncomfortable with some of the things being taught in school. You just want school to focus on the basics.

You may be considering homeschooling – which causes even more worry!

  • I'm not a teacher! How can I teach my child and be sure they don't fall behind?

  • Where do I event start? How do I know what to teach?

  • How do I tell people? My family and friends will think I'm crazy!

  • Won't I be isolating my child?

While traditional schooling works for many children, it may not be the best learning environment for your child.


I believe every child can learn - and wants to learn! They just need …

  • flexibility in how they show what they know

  • to get up and move when they need to

  • an environment that feels safe


It’s our job to give children the sense of safety and confidence needed to take the risks that allow them to soar. Find out if homeschooling is the right solution for you.

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Our Services


Homeschooling 101:

Cliff Notes

Are you considering homeschooling for your kids? During this 60 minute 1 on 1 intensive, we'll create a Cliff’s Notes version of a plan to help you decide if homeschooling is for you. You’ll walk away with a written summary of our call with background, questions to consider, and next steps PLUS a week of follow up support. 


Homeschooling 202:

Build Your Personal Plan

Homeschooling 202 is an 8-week planning program to help you prepare for your school year. Over the span of 8 weeks you’ll get into the nitty-gritty of the values driving your decision to homeschool, your legal obligations as a homeschooler, and choosing the best curriculum for you. Then we’ll set your schedule and get planning. You’ll walk away with a weekly schedule and a lesson plan blueprint for the first 4 weeks plus so much more.


Homeschooling is all about building confident learners – and storytelling is a great way to achieve this! Whether they read Drizzle and the Letter or write + illustrate their own stories in Drop, Drop and Drizzle, kids will discover strategies for speaking up, speaking out, and plain old being creative. Perfect for early elementary-aged kids! 

The Drip, Drop and Drizzle Books

Drip, Drop, and Drizzle book by Mary Ostrowski, Homeschool Expert and Advisor
Drizzle and the Letter Book Cover by Mary Ostrowski, Homeschool Expert

Drizzle and the Letter

Can you remember a time you got in trouble for something that wasn't your fault? That is exactly what happened to Drizzle, and boy was he MAD! You'll never guess what he did next...

Children of all ages will relate to DRIZZLE as his emotions seem to take on a life of their own. This story includes strategies for helping children manage their own strong emotions. Afterall, we can't always control our feelings, but we can decide how we'll react to them. 

Mary Ostrowski, Homeschooling Expert and Advisor on homeschooling basics for homeschooling in Maryland

Drip, Drop, & Drizzle: 
A JOURNAL for Growing Your Child's Creativity

A rain shower frequently starts with a few drips and drops before becoming a drizzle. The water absorbs into the ground and creates new growth. So too, finding the confidence to create something new can also be a process.

So often children think they have nothing to say and nothing to write about. After going through the Drip, Drop and Drizzle process, your children will realize they have a lot to say and much to write!

Drip, Drop, and Drizzle Journal

Clients Shower Praise for ...

The Drizzle Effect by Mary Ostrowski, Homeschooling Expert
"My students love Mary's book. It not only works as a follow up for my lessons, but it also helps students with their writing stamina and creativity. With the simple, fun, and creative instructions my students have found a new love for writing that they did not have before."

Sofie Flefil, Teacher

Drip, Drop, and Drizzle Character
"I like the book because my imagination is growing bigger and bigger."

Elias, Grade 3 Student

We had been very interested in the idea of Home Schooling for awhile, but knew very little about how to go about it or where to begin.  There was so much we didn't know, and we felt way more educated after [meeting with Mary] and in a much better position to make a decision that was right for our family.  Would HIGHLY recommend!

Allison W.


Give the gift of confidence with
Drip, Drop and Drizzle!

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