Give the gift of CONFIDENCE with Drip, Drop and Drizzle!

Everyday, kids are struggling in the classroom and doubting their ability to achieve. 

I believe every child can and wants to learn. It’s our job to give them the sense of safety and confidence needed to take the risks that allow them to soar.

With the help of my friends, Drip, Drop and Drizzle, I use a three-part framework kids can learn so they feel confident using their voice and can express themselves through art, writing, and storytelling.

Using creativity and imagination to build kids' confidence.

    Woven throughout all of our books and courses is a process we call Drip, Drop and Drizzle. The outcome? 
    The Drizzle Effect.
  • DRIP: Whatever the challenge may be, I teach kids to start where they are by recognizing their perceived strengths and weaknesses.
  • DROP: From there we create a plan one step at a time.
  • DRIZZLE: It takes just one drop for a drizzle to begin. Curiosity and periodic evaluation of the plan invite us to celebrate successes and tweak the plan for continued improvement.  And this type of practice creates habits grounded in confidence. 
"Personally as a Mom, I love the prompts [in Drip, Drop and Drizzle] opening my daughter to share her creativity and artistic self...and mine too as we talk about what she has created. As an educator and therapist, I have witnessed the power of encouraging reflection and creativity with art and writing. These contribute to positive cognitive and neurological development, resilience and flexibility which are so important in our changing world."
Melissa Wolak, Mom
"Ms. Mary has been the biggest inspiration to my son. He was struggling a lot in school and getting poor grades. He didn’t want to try because he was always feeling like he would never do better. Then I found Ms. Mary, and she has built his self esteem back up and has taught him to persevere through his struggles. I have seen a more positive child all because of Ms. Mary. She has been a huge help to my son and to our family. I am so grateful for her."
Jill VanDam, Mom