Distance Learning: A Mini Course for Parents

The self-paced, do-it-yourself program that empowers you to create a happy, productive home learning environment.

If you and your elementary-aged child had a rough time transitioning to distance learning this spring,
you are not alone.

No one was expecting COVID to shut down our schools, and with millions of teachers, parents, and educators trying to adjust…

Nothing about the transition to distance learning has been easy.

If you are one of the thousands of elementary school parents who had to navigate a “new learning normal” last spring, you probably have the same doubts, fears, and concerns:

- How can I maximize my child’s learning potential?
- How am I supposed to keep my kids motivated?
- How can I be sure they’re getting the support they need?

Or even…

- Where do I find the TIME to build an effective home learning environment?!

I’m asking all these questions! HELP!

Adapting distance learning to a home environment is NOT easy, but what if there was an easy, doable system to bring the structure, scheduling, and mindset of a nurturing classroom right to your inbox?

And what if every self-paced lesson gave you everything you needed to know in a comprehensive, 10-15-minute video?

I'm all about finding real, parent-friendly solutions, which is why I’m so excited to introduce…

Distance Learning:
A Mini Course for Parents

The self-paced, do-it-yourself program that empowers you to create a happy, productive home learning environment.

It’s time to shift our perspectives from obstacle to opportunity. 

Staying at home for another semester may seem daunting, but it also provides a unique opportunity to engage and connect with our children in brand new ways.I know firsthand how difficult it can be to adjust to new learning styles.

As an educator with 20 years of both teaching and administrative experience in schools all over the world, I’ve SEEN the difference a positive learning environment can make.

Children crave structure, and even though we can’t control COVID or how our schools handle it, we can control our children’s learning time, learning space, and our attitudes about the experience.

If you’re feeling frustration, overwhelmed, or uncertainty for this semester, why not put yourself in the driver’s seat?

Distance Learning: A Mini Course for Parents

shines a positive light on distance learning by walking you through step by step lessons specifically designed to translate your child’s classroom structure to their new, virtual experience.

With 10-15 minute lesson videos and easy, supplementary activities, each lesson is specifically designed to take less than one hour in order to fit your busy schedule.

Through video lessons, simple implementation strategies, helpful handouts, and daily activities, I’ll walk you through the key steps of creating a positive learning environment, including…

Communication Strategies
Recognize verbal and nonverbal language and how to communicate when you and your child are working.

Establishing a Productive Mindset
Use mindfulness to set your children up for success this semester—no matter what the learning experience may look like.

Tips for celebrating the small wins along the journey to help keep your children motivated to learn.

Setting Expectations
What do your expectations sound like? What do they look like? How can you clearly communicate your expectations to your child and SHOW them what they need to do to stay on course?

How to organize space, time, and individual responsibilities to make sure everyone gets their work done.

For just $97,
you get access to the FULL Distance Learning: A Mini Course for Parents program —the lessons, the activities, and our parent support group.

 For only $97, I’m going to show you exactly how to make this semester a positive, enriching experience for everyone in your household.

I’m not here to teach you to be a teacher.

I’m here to use my teaching experience to help you bring school-like structure into your home to make the most of your home learning experience.

I don’t just want you to survive distance learning. I want both you and your kids to thrive through a shared experience!

So what are you waiting for? Sign up now and lock in this $97 price.

With 5 lessons filled with activities and preparation guides, you’ll have everything you need to start this semester on the right foot.

Megan Y.

I took this Distance Learning mini-course and it really helped me to prepare my family for the school year! It is a valuable resource that inspired us to get organized and excited. It also provided much needed guidance on how to set boundaries around both school and work happening at the same time. I loved the provided resources and plan on using them throughout our time at home. Thank you Healthy Equation!

Barbara G.

Consistency is so important. I am already seeing how starting the year with structure and clear expectations helps with my grand's buy-in during the days they're with me. Strategies that stood out for me: posting a clear schedule, creating a "What If?" poster, and remembering as adults we are always modeling. The organizational ideas and multiple intelligences recognition were brilliant. I really enjoyed this mini class. 


Does this program work for children of all learning styles?

This program is primarily centered on equipping parents but does address how to assess and support your child’s individual learning styles. Whether your child is an auditory, visual, or even a tactile learner, I won’t tell you what to teach—I’ll teach you strategic ways to use your child’s learning style to meet their needs and your expectations.

Is this program only for parents with elementary-aged kids?

Distance Learning: A Mini Course for Parents is designed with the parents of elementary-aged children in mind, but the concepts, strategies, and psychology apply to any grade level. Some of the shared activities may be too young for middle schoolers to participate in with you, but parents will still glean the same educational value.

How long does each lesson take?

Each daily challenge will include a short video (5-15 minutes), a supplementary worksheet, and/or implementation exercise that will take you no more than 30 minutes. You may find that it’s worth your while to spend more time in one area or another, but everything is at your own pace, and your focus is completely up to you.

How do I access the materials?

Your student portal will become available when the course starts, and you will log into your student portal to access all your materials. If you’re having any technical difficulties, you can always contact me directly.
And the best news is: Once you sign up, the materials are yours to keep and refer back to as often as you'd like.

Where can I find out more infomation?

To find out more about me and my programs, please visit me at Healthy Equation or connect with me on FacebookLinkedIn, or Instagram

You can also join our free Facebook support group, Parenting to Build Kids' Confidence During the School Years.

I'm ready to make a difference this semester!

  • Distance Learning: A MiniCourse for Parents
  • $97 USD

    The self-paced, do-it-yourself program that empowers you to create a happy, productive home learning environment.

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