Drip, Drop and Drizzle -
a picture book debut!

Meet my friends Drip,  Drop & Drizzle!

Drip, Drop and Drizzle are three raindrops who first meet in school. They have good days — and days they’d rather be swallowed up by a rain cloud. In other words, they’re everyday kids going through the ups and downs that come with going to school — well, “everyday kids” except for the fact that they’re raindrops.

And how do Drip, Drop and Drizzle handle it all? Well, you’ll just have to come on in and get to know them in order to see...


DRIP'S smile lights up a room, and she shares her happiness with pretty much everyone. She can be shy and is kind of a perfectionist. I bet you're thinking to yourself, “But no one is perfect.” I know, right?! We sure do get crazy ideas in our heads sometimes, don’t we? And sometimes, this makes Drip timid to try new things because she’s afraid she’ll get it wrong.


DROP is so much fun to be around! He will make you laugh out loud - and then cringe in the next minute.  

Drop can be impulsive. I mean, sometimes he says things he instantly regrets or makes a not-so-good choice without even knowing why he did it! This makes him feel bad because he really is nice, and doesn’t mean to hurt anyone.


DRIZZLE is the friend you feel like you’ve known forever. He seems to get everything right, but Drizzle makes mistakes like everyone else. Sometimes he gets in trouble. But he’s self-confident enough to know he can get through it — so he does. He helps his friends get through stuff too. His friends think, “I want to be like Drizzle.” The truth is, they can be. We all have Drizzle within us.

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Drip, Drop and Drizzle:
A JOURNAL for Growing Your Child's Creativity?
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A rain shower frequently starts with a few drips and drops before becoming a drizzle. The water absorbs into the ground and creates new growth. So too, finding the confidence to create something new can also be a process.

So often children think they have nothing to say and nothing to write about. After going through the Drip, Drop and Drizzle process, your children will realize they have a lot to say and much to write!

"My students love Mary's book. It not only works as a follow up for my lessons, but it also helps students with their writing stamina and creativity. With the simple, fun, and creative instructions my students have found a new love for writing that they did not have before."
Sofie Flefil, Teacher
"I like the book because my imagination is growing bigger and bigger."
Elias, Grade 3 Student
"Creativity encourages writing, and this book gives the kids freedom to dream what they write. I personally love the way my students feel free to decide what to do and how to do it just by getting a simple, helpful prompt that allows them to express their imagination in a meaningful way."
Quirli Pitarch, Teacher